How To Determine If Your Home Has A Borer

It would be hard to find the presence of a borer. These are kinds of bugs who would eat away the wood and make holes in the same. Ideally, wood borers are found in plantations and gardens. But, they may even get entry into your home. It is better that you take charge of things in such a way that you find the solution for borer control. Here’s how you can determine the presence of borer in your home. 

Borer Control
Borer Control

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You can see holes in the timber

You might have timber in your interior as in the frame on the wall or some furniture and so on. When you have this wood, it’s going to be quite tough, when the borer makes an entry. There are just no home remedies with which you can fight off them. You will have to take the help of professionals. If you see some holes in your timber, just get agile and take action against the presence of pests like borers in your home.

You can see frass or wood dust 

Once the infestation starts in the timber, it would spread, if you do not take the relevant action. In that case, it matters that you find a pest technician who can provide you with the best results. The wood dust or frass will be seen in the area where the wooden furniture or the infested wood is. This would be one of the leading signs showing that there are pests in your home.

Weak boards on the floor or weak chair base

If you have wooden floorboards or if there are chairs and other things which have gone weak at the base then you should understand that something is wrong with the same. This indicates the presence of borers and that you should take action for pest control.

You can see live beetles coming from the timber holes or you can see dead beetles in that area

You will see that live beetles are coming out of the timber. This is something that is going to create a messy situation. Also, when you can see dead beetles then things would be hard. The first thing that you must do for borer treatment service is that remove or get rid of the infested timber. Then the next thing would be pest control within the area so that the infestation or the spread stops.


Wood borer infestation can create issues and hence you must take the relevant action for the same. Controlling them would be a difficult task. However, if you can choose the professionals then this can help. Borer control with the help of professionals can work wonders and this is something you need to work out on. Find the right pest control company that will give you preventive and Pest Treatment Coast and this can work wonders and help you to keep pests away.