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We Specialize In Removing All Types Of Possums In Hawthorne

Possums prefer to live alone, and they are most active at night. Possums are distantly related to kangaroos, but most people are unaware. Their size and speed, however, are different. 

Possums are generally considered to be frightful by people who have encountered them. However, when threatened, they also emit a disgusting smell. Additionally, they carry diseases just like raccoons. But they are protected by law so you can not harm them or kill them anyway. Therefore, if you find one in your yard, you should hire a pest removal service rather than try to remove it yourself.

As Pest and Possum control specialists, we are experts in removing all types of Possum and pests from the area. We first inspect the house and check the signs of infestation. If your property has Possum, it is a must to remove them safely. You can contact our Possum Removal Hawthorne team as we deal in providing the most effective and genuine solution for all types of Pest related problems, so don’t wait and make a call at our company.

Infestation signs of possums

You will immediately notice the infestation whenever you have possums inside your home or another building on your property. It is not unusual to see them during the day since they are often quite loud and less restricted to nocturnal schedules than some rodents. 

  • One of the common signs of Possum infestation can be damage to the building exterior. Possums usually damage the exterior of a building since they usually enter by climbing. possums often damage roofs by tearing up shingles and ripping soffits
  • When you have an opossum infestation, you may notice that your cats’ food disappears more quickly, especially if they live outdoors. Ensure your cats are protected if you suspect a possum infestation. 
  • It is common for Possum to scratch, rip, and hurry as they nest. If you hear these noises, you will probably notice that they’re louder since a larger animal creates them. 
  • Possum infestations are easily recognized by their smell. Possum defecates more frequently than most mammals, and their droppings can be as large as a cat’s.

Why Choose Our Pest Control Hawthorne Team For Possum Removal?

Possums can still be a nuisance to you. Unlike other animals, possums are not usually dangerous to humans unless they are provoked, cornered or forced to defend themselves. However, they can become a problem if they live under your deck or if they pop into your house through your dog door. Here are some of the why choosing our company for Possum removal is an ideal choice:

  • Safe treatments 

Our team is highly trained in safe treatments for Possum and pest removal. They take care of all the necessary things required for safe treatment.

  • Our possum catching method is effective

The method we use for the Possum removal treatment gives effective results. 

  • Best professionals

Our company has professionals committed to their work; hence they can help you get guaranteed work for any Pest or Possum removal.

  • Expert advice after treatment

There is no chance that Possum will return to your property once we are done with our services, but after treatment, you will get expert advice to prevent them if anything unusual happens.

You Can Always Rely On Us For Possum Removal Service In Hawthorne And Nearby Areas

If you also want to get rid of Possum like your neighbours and friends who got service from us, you can choose our services now. We are always available for serving in all areas of Hawthrone to help you.